The robot that could change the senior care industry.

— Time Magazine

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Violet, the robot

Meet Violet

The germ-killing robot.

Manual disinfectant methods are resource intensive, risk the safety of health workers, are prone to human error and don’t disinfect the air.

Violet is a robot that has been designed to rapidly disinfect rooms where it is not practical to use traditional approaches. The technology has been validated by a leading independent 3rd party microbiology lab in applications in both hospitals and on public transport.

We have completed the design of the market-ready version of the robot and are currently accepting pre-orders for the first deliveries of the Violet robot.

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Meet Stevie

The social robot.

The senior living industry (in the US alone) will need to fill roles for 1.4 million workers between now and 2025. This staffing shortfall is having a detrimental effect on both the quality of support, as well as the quality of life that older people in long-term care receive.

Stevie is a social robot designed to help keep seniors socially connected, and to support caregivers in the delivery of group-based wellness activities. Stevie has been validated through extensive testing in retirement communities in the US and UK.

We are currently seeking partners for our first permanent deployments.

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Stevie, the robot

Why Akara?

Akara is a spin-out company from Trinity College Dublin and builds on over a decade of pioneering scientific research in robotics and artificial intelligence. Akara’s mission is to develop technology that empowers people in the healthcare industry.


Akara focuses on real user needs. We believe in working with users to better understand the problem, and then define and implement the solution. We use tried and tested methods, developed over 60 years at Stanford University and through the SUGAR Design network.

Evidence Based

Akara is built on a deep foundation of scientific knowledge, developed over a period of 10+ years at Irelands leading university. Our products have been validated in the field, and the underlying research is captured in more that 30 peer reviewed papers.

Ethically Developed

Akara cares deeply about the ethical implications of robotics and AI technology. The company aspires to be a standard setter for responsible robotic innovation. We are working with the Federation of Responsible Robotics to attain quality mark for ethically developed robots.

Developed In Partnership With

Movidius, an Intel Company Luxonis HSE The Digital Hub Local Enterprise Office
Army Distaff Foundation Robus Trinity College Dublin University of Plymouth