Safest and fastest way to kill Sars-CoV-2 virus

The global healthcare system
is in crisis.

The novel Coronavirus (Covid-19), now declared a pandemic by the WHO, has placed a heavy burden on some of the world's most advanced healthcare systems.

Rapid Spread

Since first being recorded late 2019, the Covid-19 virus has quickly spread around the world, with hundreads of millions confirmed cases and thousands of deaths.

Disinfectant Solutions

Chemical disinfectant solutions are impractical. Using Hydrogen Peroxide Vapour can take more than 5 hours to fully disinfect a room, and this approach cannot be applied to many rooms in hospitals.

UV-based solutions

Existing UV-based cleaning solutions are limited. Few have automated capabilities and nearly all require rooms to be evacuated prior to use. These solutions are bulky and very expensive.

Introducing: Violet.

Violet is an ultraviolet light robot, which is clinically proven to kill viruses, bacteria and harmful germs.

Violet leverages more than 12 months research in UV light disinfection technology, conducted at Ireland’s top University. The HSE (Irish Health Service) have fast-tracked its development, stating that it has great potential to help in the fight against Covid-19.

Violet can greatly reduce dependency on the use of chemical-based solutions, which may be effective but require rooms to be vacated for several hours during sterilisation, making them impractical for many parts of the hospital. In addition, many pieces of high-tech equipment cannot be disinfected using “deep chemicals”, so manual cleaning is needed.

Violet, the robot


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