About Akara

The mission of Akara (meaning ‘my friend’ in the Irish language) is to develop technology that empowers people, especially those working in the healthcare sector. As the demand for healthcare workers continues to grow, we believe that the only way to relieve pressure on the system is to develop tools that enable workers to be more effective and to do more with less.

Inspired by the potential for robotics and AI technology to empower people, the team are excited to take the next steps which will focus on leveraging their scientific insights, engineering know-how and creativity to address some of the biggest challenges faced by society today.

Stevie, the robot


The co-founding team have more than a decade of experience developing advanced robotics and AI systems, and the company builds on over a decade of pioneering scientific research, led by Prof. Conor McGinn in his lab in Trinity College Dublin.

Conor McGinn

& Co-Founder

Eamonn Bourke

Director of Design
& Co-Founder

Michael Cullinan

Director of Mechatronics
& Co-Founder

Eoin Carroll

Director of
Business Development

Niamh Donnelly

Director of AI
& Co-Founder

Carl O'Connor

Director of Web-Ops

Cian Donovan

Embedded Engineer
& Co-Founder

Developed In Partnership With

Movidius, an Intel Company Luxonis HSE The Digital Hub Local Enterprise Office
Army Distaff Foundation Robus Trinity College Dublin University of Plymouth